COTAAP is an important link between scientists, farmers, State Agriculture Department and the textile industry.

  • Organic Cotton : There is huge demand for organic cotton the world over. Looking at the huge cost of cultivation for growing cotton nowadays, COTAAP is planning to work in that direction in the near future.
  • Pink Bollworm Awareness : Pink bollworm proving to be a major threat to cotton crop last year, COTAAP has undertaken ‘Pink bollworm awareness campaigns’ and Pink bollworm management demonstrations.
  • Bamboo Staking : To increase yield, COTAAP Chopda unit has planned to demonstrate Bamboo Staking in cotton crop on a larger scale. This will enable farmers to get better yields.
  • Ultra-High Density Planting System : Biggest challenge faced by farmer is the high cost of manual harvesting of cotton - almost 20% to 25% of the total cost of cultivation. COTAAP is planning to promote Ultra High Density Planting system which will facilitate mechanical harvesting in future.
  • BT Cotton : Demonstration plots of Roundup Ready BT Cotton technology once it is sanctioned by the Government for commercialisation. This will help to reduce cultivation cost (labour for weeding) thereby fetching better returns to farmers.

It is our vision to expand the COTAAP-MODEL to all cotton growing regions of India and we look forward to solve challenges with innovative and radical technologies across the country.