The Association organised In-door Games Tournament 2012 in the premises of the Association from Monday, 6th August 6th 2012. A large number of CAI members  participated in the tournament with great spirit and enthusiasum. Prizes were distributed to the winners and runners up in the category of Carrom, Chess and Table Tennis by Shri. Bhagwatiprasad R. Mahadevia, senior most member of the Assoication on the occasion of Independence Day celebrations on 15th August 2012.

The Names of the Winners, 1st and 2nd Runners-Up of  CAI In-door Games Tournament are given below:-



Winner   : Shri. Dhiren N. Sheth
Ist Runner-up   : Shri. Kiran D. Bheda
2nd Runner-up   : Shri. Rajesh K.

Table Tennis Singles

Winner   : Shri. Rishabh J. Shah
Ist Runner-up     : Shri. Kunal U. Thakkar
2nd Runner-up   : Shri. Udayan B. Thakkar

Table Tennis Doubles

Winner   : Shri. Amit M. Thakker and Shri. Manish P. Daga
Ist Runner-up   : Shri. Viral B. Bangdiwala and Shri. Anupam Joshi
2nd Runner-up   : Shri. Dhrupad K. Marfatia and Shri. Pratish P. Mepani

Carrom Singles

Winner   : Shri. Mahesh T. More
Ist Runner-up   : Shri. Satish Shirke
2nd Runner-up   : Shri. Dhiren N. Sheth

Carrom Doubles

Winner   : Shri. Dhrupad K. Marfatia and Shri. Satish Shirke
Ist Runner-up   : Shri. Sameer Lodaya and Shri. Anupam Joshi
2nd Runner-up   : Shri. Mahesh T. More and Shri. Rishit S. Dholakia



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