A two-member delegation from International Cotton Association Ltd. (ICA), Liverpool consisting of its President, Mr. Salman Ispahani and Managing Director, Mr. Bill Kingdon visited the Cotton Association of India (CAI) on 27thFebruary 2018 and met the CAI team led by its President, Mr. Atul S. Ganatra. 

The CAI President took the visiting delegates on atour of the imposing and historic premises of the Association. The issues discussed between the ICA and CAI include a proposal for organising a training programme on ICE futures in Mumbai, organising a road show on ICA By-laws and Rules at the domestic conference being organised by CAI on 2nd September 2018, visit of ICA delegation to Maharashtra to coincide with the said CAI domestic conference on 2nd September 2018, harmonizing CAI By-laws with ICA, not allowing parties appearing in the CICCA unfulfilled award list to become CAI members, certification of one or more testing facility by ICA Bremen and use thereof for the purpose of dispute redressal by ICA, appointment of the CAI recommended arbitrators and conciliators from India on the panel of ICA, etc.  Both parties have mutually agreed to review progress in the activities as agreed between them.  



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