Foreign exchange fluctuations play an all important role in international trades. The currency markets are always fraught with risk, and the inherent volatility of the currencies exposes businesses to unpredictability and sometime solvency risks, if not managed well. Thus, special skill and attention is required so that the businesses are equipped and prepared to safeguard against this risk.

With a view to help the CAI’s Members to understand this subject better and to devise a more efficient mechanism to mange FX Risk in their day-to-day business, the Cotton Association of India organised a Seminar on ‘FX Risk Management – Your Insurance against Volatility’, on May 19, 2017 at the CAI premises.

While the faculty for the ‘FX Risk Management – Your Insurance against Volatility’, was Shri. Shreyans Shah, Head, Mumbai Sales, Edelweiss the faculty for the topic ‘Insurance Value Proposition’ was Shri. Yashesh Sampat, Head- Associations and Affinity, Edelweiss.

Shri. Udayan Thakkar, Vice President, CAI, welcomed the faculty members. The Seminar was well attended, and much appreciated by CAI members.

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