The guaranteed price of cotton is Rs. 6,025. The price of cotton in the open market is Rs. 10,400. 

by Loksatta Online

January 12, 2022

Cotton prices have been steadily rising since last week. In one week, the price of cotton has gone up from nine and a half thousand to ten thousand. In the last two days, the price of cotton has picked up again and at present cotton is being sold at Rs 10,400 to Rs 10,500 per quintal. Therefore, this week is becoming historic for cotton growers. Cotton has got this price after almost 50 years.

Low availability of cotton and high demand for cotton in the market. As a result, the rate of cotton in four places in Yavatmal district crossed the ten thousand mark. Cotton fetched a record high of Rs 10,400 in the Fulsawangi market. 

In Yavatmal, Ralegaon and Wani markets also the price of cotton has gone up to Rs. 440 per quintal. For the first time in the 50 year history of the district, the price of cotton was more than ten thousand rupees. Therefore, the cotton growers in the district are happy. Cotton prices have been rising steadily for the past eight days due to rising demand and declining supply. The price of cotton has gone up from Rs 2,800 to Rs 4,000 per quintal in the open market.

Due to all these, the cotton price in Yavatmal district has crossed the record level of 10,000. The district procured 32,000 quintals of cotton in a single day on Wednesday. Cotton arrivals increased in Yavatmal, Fulsawangi, Ralegaon, Wani, Wadhonabazar, Kalamb Ghatanji, Arni, Darvha, Ner market committees of the district. 

At the same time, the increase in cotton prices was a great relief to the farmers. The guaranteed price of cotton is Rs. 6,025. The price of cotton in the open market is Rs. 10,400. The district produces 35 to 40 lakh quintals of cotton. Only 11 lakh quintals of cotton has been procured till the end of December this year. Cotton production has declined by 40% of the total production in the district. In addition, due to the increase in demand, the rate jumped.

Cotton is currently fetching Rs 10,000 per quintal. The government's policy is not clear. Till now, the crop of farmers has never got such a high price. The government should clarify its policy while pricing crops. Cotton imports are low. Although crop losses have been reduced during the monsoons, the losses are minimal. Good cotton came out in the first sale, said Sunil Jain of Jain Kotex.

However, farmers are worried as the rates are not stable. Two days ago, cotton had a good price. Now I am getting a price of Rs. 9,500. The farmer is living with high expectations. Various commodities are made from cotton. However, prices are not available. Bondworm is causing damage. It never fills up. Bring 20 quintals of cotton for sale. However, it is not possible to say what the price will be, said Manish Jadhav, a farmer who came here to sell cotton. (Source: