By Meghan Grebner
August 1, 2022 

Widespread rainfall provided some relief to Tennessee farmers.  While rains greatly helped cotton and soybeans, it was a little too late to salvage the corn acres in the middle of the state. 

Soybeans are rated 38% good to excellent, with 80% blooming, and 47% setting pods.  Cotton is rated 41% good to excellent, 96% of cotton is squaring and 66% setting bolls. Corn is rated 32% good to excellent with 96% silking, 67% in the dough stage, and 13% dented. Tobacco is 72% topped and 56% is rated good to excellent.

Pastures are rated 44% good to excellent, and while conditions have improved, many livestock producers are still concerned about hay yields. Topsoil moisture is 71% adequate to surplus and subsoil moisture is 65% adequate to surplus. (Source: