February 11, 2021

PESHAWAR: Salim Saifullah Khan, chairman, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Textile Mills Association (KPTMA), has rejected the value-added textile sector’s demand to allow the import of cotton yarn from India, saying it would be disastrous to the textile spinning industry of Pakistan.

In a statement, he said allowing import of cotton yarn from India, on the one hand, would create a crisis for the spinning industry of Pakistan and lead to mills closure whereas, on the other, it would strengthen the economy and the spinning industry of India.

He said that the plea of the value-added textile sector is not correct that the quality yarn is not available in Pakistan as more than 90 per cent of the yarn produced in Pakistan is available for the value-added sector.

The KPTMA chief pointed out that India has been violating all the resolutions passed by the UN and other international organizations and has occupied Kashmir and the people of Kashmir have not been given their legitimate right of living independently. He said allowing Indian yarn would be akin to adding insult to the injuries of the Kashmiris. Salim Saifullah Khan demanded the government not to allow the import of cotton yarn and save the spinning industry of Pakistan. (Source: