August 11, 2020

Cotton farmers in Jalgaon, a major cotton growing belt in Maharashtra, are worried as early signs of Pink Bollworm (PBW) infestation have been reported in nearly 30-40% of the crop.

Avinash Kabra, director, Cotton Association of India, said cotton was sown on 5.25 lakh hectare in the region and PBW infestation has been reported on nearly 1.25-1.50 lakh hectare. Nearly 70-80% of the crop in Jalgaon region is in the flowering stage and this is the time when the infestation of PBW occurs, he said.

There have been reports of the detection of the infestation in parts of Jalgaon and measures are required to be taken to prevent the further spread. Kabra said that PBW had damaged the crop to a great extent a couple of years ago in the region but infestation had been controlled to a great extent last year. (Source: