05 Nov '19
The contribution of cotton to Nigeria’s gross domestic product (GDP) has dropped from 25 per cent to 0.4 per cent in the last two decades, according to Ibrahim Umar-Abubakar, director of the Institute for Agricultural Research (IAR) in Zaria, who recently said cotton production was neglected by successive governments in the past due to oil boom.

Umar-Abubakar address to the 2019 Annual Cotton Master Sample and Production Meeting in Samaru, Zaria in Kaduna state was conveyed by the institute’s deputy director Dauda Yusuf.

The present administration wants to revive textile and garment industries, he said. IAR recently released three new cotton varieties—Samcot 11, 12 and 13—which are long staple and resistant to pest. According to National Bureau of Statistics, 18 states are producing cotton in large quantities. (Source: