by Stamatis Kouroudis | March 1, 2018

Cotton Outlook forecasts world production in 2018/19 at 26,126,000 tonnes, marginally lower than in the current season. The area devoted to cotton next season is expected to increase modestly. However, a return to yields closer to the recent average, rather than a repeat of the excellent outcomes seen in 2017/18, is anticipated and has resulted in the lower figure. Global consumption is expected to increase by around 2.6 percent, to 26,709,000 tonnes. Growth is anticipated in some major consuming countries, including China, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam. The rise is mainly owing to continued investment and increased capacity.



As a result, world stock levels are expected to contract. The overall fall is once again attributable to China, where a decline of 1.84 million tonnes appears in prospect. Stocks outside that country are expected to rise by 1.258 million tonnes. Global stock levels are therefore expected to decrease by 583,000 tonnes. (Source: