Source: Bremen Cotton Exchange


November 26 2014 : (Source: Bremen Cotton Exchange)

The volatile market movements in New York prevented many spinning mills from long-term commitments. Disregarding some qualities of extra-long staple cotton and prompt tenderable loadings the wait-and-see attitude of last week continued. The search for consignments with good value for money went on, but it was difficult to succeed with preferred prices in the supply chain. Contracts were still closed for immediate needs with the focus of interest on deliveries from existing stocks instead of shipments. 

Contracts were concluded for: 

• Medium Staple Cotton: 

From West Africa and Greece for prompt, from Central Asia for prompt up to the 1st quarter 2015.  
•Long- and Extra-Long Staple Cotton: 

Giza 86 as well as Sudan Barakat for prompt. US Pima and Israel Pima for the 1st up to the 2nd quarter 2015. Spanish ELS for the 2nd up to the 3rd quarter 2015. 

(Source: Bremen Cotton Exchange)